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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Two steps forward and one step back...

Well, it appears I'm not past my halfway point anymore. heh

Either my body is hanging on to a lot of liquid (possible, it's Texas and wicked hot, and I haven't been keeping up as I should with my water intake), or I was naughtier than I thought with my food intake while out of town and over my birthday weekend (also possible). Or a combination.

Regardless, this is my weigh-in day, and what I weigh is 3 pounds up from last Thursday. Le sigh. ;)

I'm not as bummed about this as I probably ought to be, mostly because I have a feeling it will peel back off in the next week or two.

I am going to start tracking my food again, though, as I'm actually concerned that my regular daily intake is not getting in enough. Especially enough protein. I probably ate too much during a couple of our restaurant outings, but my day-to-day eating from home food has been really erratic. So, back to logging to see what's up. I've tried re-introducing more whole grain carbs (just a couple of bites with dinners), but maybe I need to rethink that for a while.

I had a couple more stuck episodes this week too, both on chicken. This upsets me because chicken is such a protein staple. I guess I'll just have to make sure I cut it up REALLY small when I eat it, and do more in the way of chicken salads or chicken with black beans.

Oh, I did start back to the gym on Monday -- YAY, it's about time!! 40 min on the elliptical and upper body weights on Monday, 30 min on the elliptical and lower body weights on Tuesday. Yesterday and today? Owch, my body is informing me that it had been too long and now I ache all over. However, it's back to the gym today and I know I'll loosen up after the first 10 min of cardio or so.

I discovered that my gym does offer Zumba classes, so maybe it will work out that I can squeeze in a class regularly after school starts. I'd like to add something different in there to mix things up some. I also found out that a local tribal belly dance group (that's taught by some long-term friends of mine) is taking newbie students again. So I really hope that can work in with my crazy schedule this fall.

Ah, I did say I would try to post some pics from the birthday night, didn't I?

Well, I'm not posting any full body shots, because I somehow managed to wear a top that completely exposed my red bra underneath every time the flash went off on a camera. SeXXXay, right? heheheh Yeah, not so much.

But here is one with my cheesy grin in full effect. The lovely lady with me (in the purple specs - mine are red) is my friend for life who was banded with me. Damn, I love that girl!


  1. you look great! don't give up :)

  2. Belly dancing would be fun. I think I'm going to try and find a beginners video on it.

  3. Belly dancing is fun! I'm just waiting for my incisions to heal enough that I can go back to it. I practice at home with a video, because there are no lessons close to me.

    You look great in that picture. And lovely friend, too!