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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hey, maybe there's something to this exercise thing...

So, two weeks back on track with exercise, and the scale decided to show me some love today! 5 pounds down from last week, which leaves me at a net 2 pounds per week over the last 3 weeks. Yay! Also, it gets me to 20 down since my surgery!

I'm not looking for the huge losses because my body was already well into the slower metabolism before my banding. So 2/week is better than I could expect! And this week was a total shocker considering that this is typically the worst week of the month to weigh, heh.

I did not make the Zumba class on Sunday, due to poor nap timing by my younger daughter. I'll give it a shot this coming Sunday. I did get in 4 days at the gym two weeks in a row, which is great for me. My muscles are starting to remember what weight training is all about. ;)

The first week of school seems to have gone well for my older daughter, and I start my classes on Monday. Hopefully I can keep up the gym plan within our new more rigorous schedule. Tuesdays will be easy, Thursdays I'll have to go before I hit a coffee shop with my laptop to work, Sundays will be Zumba, and then I'll have to pick another day (Friday or Saturday) to get in a fourth day. Probably Friday morning after I drop my girl off at school, but before I pick her up. Fridays are half-days at her school, so I'll have to get it in quick.

Off to play some more blog catch-up and maybe squeeze in a little work before my spouse and the girlie get home from school!

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