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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Back to my original plateau of Doom!, but...

... I'm OK with it.

The scale stuck for a couple of weeks, but moved again this week, back to the 183.5 that plagued me earlier this year.    I've been pretty good with food, and haven't been stuck anywhere close to as often as I was.  I still have to watch it with dry protein, but anything with a little moisture and a lot of chewing usually goes down all right.   Hunger has peaks and valleys, of course.   I've been so busy that stray munching doesn't happen much, and I'm broke so going out to eat isn't happening either.

I forgot what a total timesuck math is.   Between the two math courses I'm taking now, I have HOURS of homework that I have to squeeze in whenever I can.  Therefore my gym time has been very erratic.  My once-a-week social evenings have been consistently involving dancing my ass off like I'm 22 again (sans the dollar well drinks), so I'm getting in at least one workout a week. hehheh

It looks like everyone had a blast in Chicago!   Maybe I'll make one of those events someday -- I love Chicago and I would love to meet some of the awesome folks whose blogs I follow!

I'm ready for this time at this weight to NOT be a plateau.  I haven't been here since March, so it's good to have gotten off almost all of the summer slump's gain and be comfortable in my jeans again.  

I do have a drawer full of the next size down, though, so I want to get into those 11s (and out of them!) as soon as possible!!  :D