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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stuck, ack!! And halfway there!

Hrm. I'm not sure what to think about the lack of comments on my last post. I know I am coming from a slightly different place than a lot of bandsters are, but I was hoping it wasn't too far out there. Because let me tell ya, the feeling of failure that we've all experienced when falling off the weight-loss wagon REALLY sucks when you've dropped 80-100 pounds - gotten within 15-20 of goal, and then gained it ALL back (and then some). More than once. I think maybe that's why I'm not as excited this time with my loss. Some part my brain is convinced that this is just another trip on the rollercoaster. Bleh.

So, on to the stuck. I think I've had a few almost-stuck feelings before, but this one was really unpleasant. 2 bites of chicken breast yesterday afternoon and OW! OW! OW! And it didn't go away like the almost-stuck feelings. This was the first time I had the sliming too. Eventually it went away, and I didn't bring anything back up, but I probably should have tried to, or at least spit out the slime, because I think swallowing it made things worse. I haven't had a PB yet, and I don't want to do so, but I guess it's in the cards for the future at some point. :\

Weigh-in today put me four pounds down for the week. VERY surprising considering I didn't manage to get in much real exercise at all, despite my best intentions. So, that puts me two pounds below my halfway point. Yay!

Next week I'll be at the gym every day M-F, as my oldest has a week of rock climbing and swimming day camp over there. So hopefully that will get my lazy fanny back on track. And once the work schedule for my spouse's job is finalized, I can plan the fall's gym plan accordingly.

Hope everyone's week has been going well! I've been trying to read and comment every day, but I have to play a little catchup because the girls and I are at my mom's for a couple of days. :)


  1. Congrats on getting past the half way mark!
    I thought I'd commented on your last post, but realised when i saw this that i must've gotten distracted and forgot. again, i can totally relate. i told my nutritionist at our first meeting weeks ago that i was tired of failing.... her response was that i've not failed until i stop trying.... that made me more comfortable about embarking down this path again!

  2. I understand keeping the WLS on the down-low. The people I've told have been great, but there seems to be an underlying pity in their support (some, not all). I started out much bigger than you, but I do agree that people sometimes assume one couldn't possibly be big enough to undertake such "drastic" measures. Clearly, we're all able to lose weight...it's the keeping it off that's hard!! :)

    Sorry about the stuck. I hate them so much!
    Great job on losing 4 lbs this week! You're doing great :)

  3. @ Island Bandit : Thanks! What your nutrtionist said is dead on right, I just have to keep remembering that. :)

    @ Grace : Thank you! Yeah, I got some of the pity/support thing from some folks who've never had to battle the bulge. But the disdain for me making the choice to band seems to be very centered in several of my friends who started out considerably bigger than either you or me - who have all opted for bypass surgery to help them with their weight struggle! I was very active in the size acceptance/BBW community for years, so I knew that some backlash would happen, I just didn't expect it to come from the others I knew who HAD decided to have WLS themselves. *shrug*

    You're right - it's the KEEPING it off that's hard. Losing it can be difficult, no doubt at all about that. But keeping the calorie intake at the low levels required for me to maintain has proved impossible.... I always just got sick of being HUNGRY all the time and lost ground, gave up, and all the pounds would pile back on. If the band can keep that hunger at bay, then I stand a fighting chance of making my weight loss stick. :)

  4. What is sliming? I'm afraid to look it up. Lol

  5. @ Shrinking Beauty : Sliming is when you have a stuck episode - something you ate is getting stuck because it was too big (didn't chew enough), or too gooey (like bread) - and your body starts making MASSIVE quantities of saliva/clear mucus to try to lubricate the esophagus and get things moving.

    Unfortunately, it just backs things up more, so most people just spit it out. The sliming I had wasn't as much as a lot of people describe, but I imagine it could be during a worse stuck episode. The pain of being stuck is worse, IMO, than the sliming or idea of PB (productive burping - when the food just comes back up).

  6. That sounds very annoying and inconvenient, but it's worth it I bet.