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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Crazy but manageable, I think...

... my new schedule, that is.

I'm done with the school portion of my week, and it went OK.

Monday I felt very intimidated by setting foot in a classroom again after so long, and a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing.

Wednesday was a little better. Though I have discovered that I have completely forgotten all useful math, which means my Chem work is going to take FOREVER until I de-rust the gears in my head. I am underwhelmed by my Philosophy instructor. What IS it about so many Philosophy/Ethics folks that they have these I-am-SO-much-more-intelligent-than-EVERYONE egos. Socially I know several folks who majored in these studies, and they all have that going on. My instructor is no different. Very condescending to most of the class, and very full of himself. Mildly amusing, though, so I shouldn't be too bored. ;)

I would have taken Ethics instead, but the only instructor who had spaces in her class is someone I see regularly out socially, at parties and such. I felt that perhaps it would defeat the spirit of the class to enroll in it. *laugh*

My younger daughter had her first day at pre-pre-school on Monday, and it was a mixed bag for her. She isn't used to being in childcare for more than a couple of hours at a time (at the gym), so she had some unhappy moments. She does say she wants to go back, which is good.

Older daughter is doing OK at her school. We're still hoping to hear from the other charter school within the next week or so, as I think that environment would be better for her, and her opportunities for being challenged would be better there. I think her teacher at this school doesn't quite know what to do with her. She, like me and like her dad, is already a voracious reader. Her teacher is sending her home with sight words, even though I thought I was clear on what her level was currently. hrm.

She's only a little bit ahead in math, so I have mixed emotions about potentially moving her up a grade. *sigh* I don't know, I guess we'll wait and see how it goes after another week or two.

Ok, ok... on to my banded progress.....

This week's scale reading was a surprising 2.6 lbs down~! YAY!!

I think that reaching Onederland is totally doable by next Thursday (need a 1.6# loss to do it). I really feel that the exercise is making a big difference here.

My restriction has been hit-or-miss. I really have to continue to make an effort to SLOW DOWN and CHEW, especially at dinner time. At least one more fill is definitely in order, but I'm managing OK for the time being.

I played a little catchup on your blogs, but didn't make it through all of the backlog. However, I MUST use some of this time today for work and homework, so off to my inept math for Chem for at least an hour or so for me!! :)

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