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Sunday, August 15, 2010

At the starting line...

... before my household gets turned upside down.

We're getting prepped over here to really shake things up starting tomorrow. My oldest is about to head to school for the first time. She's 6 and a half and was homeschooled for kindergarten, but begged me to go to school this year. So, we put in applications at a few local charter schools, but fell in love with one in particular. Several of our friends have kids in this school, so we know it's good and a great match for our oddball little family.

However, we've been on the waiting list for it all summer long. We got a call from one of the other schools saying she had gotten a place in that school, and she would need to start on August 16th at the latest (it's a year-round school, so their 'year' started in July). I've been holding my breath that our favored school call, but nope. She's up to 3rd on their waiting list, but we can't take a chance that she won't get in and lose the spot in this other school. So, off she goes tomorrow to the school she did get into. For now.

After the preferred school starts classes, there is a pretty good shot that she'll get in within the first two weeks of school. So yeah, then we'll move her - with all the drama and upheaval that will come with that. And a whole round 2 of expensive school supplies (which I just spent my last dime for the week on yesterday).


MY classes start next Monday, the 23rd. I am 37 years old and starting over with college, which is both exciting and nervewracking. I've run my own business from home for about 14 years now, so this is a huge shift. Hopefully the time I have to spend on it will be enough, at least at this point. I've got to really have the grades, or I'm going to be screwed on getting the Nursing classes I need next semester. After this semester, I'll be pretty much out of classes that do not need departmental approval (because I already had most of my core courses from way back when), so this semester's got to rock so I can keep going.

Between my spouse's crazy new schedule -- Sat/Sun/Mon/Tue days -- we aren't going to need much childcare for the little one (who's just shy of 3 years old). Just on Mondays. I'm torn between sending her to the little preschool across the street or having someone come to our home to watch her. Home care would be cheaper, but she might enjoy playing with some other kids. It's going to be a long day for her, though, in school. She's by far my child that does better with some solo play time. She enjoys other kids, but also really enjoys playing on her own. *sigh*
I guess I'll think about it this week and see what I can do.


I REALLY need to stay off the scale between weigh-ins. It's very frustrating to watch the scale bounce around during the week.

No. Scale. Until. Thursday.

So I keep telling myself.

I'm going to give the Zumba class at the gym a try this afternoon. Hopefully it'll be a good workout and I won't fall on my prodigious rear end (more than once or twice, heh).

I may have to cave and pick up a couple more pair of workout capris soon. The few I have are either too big or getting holes in inappropriate places after years of wear (all along the rollercoaster ride of gain-lose). Grrrr, I do hate spending money on clothes mid-loss. ;)


  1. It sounds like your life is about to change big time! Good luck with all of that. And good luck in school. I'm sure you'll do just fine! :)

  2. I want to do Zumba but I have no rhythm , can't dance at all so I'm afraid of looking the fool. Friday is my day out shopping , I think I will look for a a DVD.

  3. Hey J!

    Thanks for your comments. You seem to be doing great too! I know how nerve-wracking it can be to figure out all that kid/school stuff. Good luck. I hope she gets in where you want her to be.
    I haven’t yet begun a new workout program; but I am gearing up for it. I’ll be watching your progress!

  4. Good for you on returning to the gym!! As you know, it's been a week of workout revelations for me! Oh, and before I forget...walmart has some nice workout capris for us bigger gals for $7.50! SWEET! :)