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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hey, I haven't even eaten any Thanksgiving dinner yet!!!

However, something in my body must have reset this week, because I gained back 2 of the pounds I lost last week.

So, I'm barely back into obese, and I'm not 80# down anymore. Poop!

I guess this is good motivation to keep myself in check over the next few days of T-day madness. I have a Thanksgiving dinner today, tomorrow, AND Saturday that I'm slotted to attend. I might not go to the one on Saturday, though, if I can find some folks to go booty-shaking with me instead that night.

I know from experience that my body likes to do these little bounce-backs after a few weeks of good losses, but it's still not fun. My scale says that my body fat is lower, though, by a couple of percentage points. Hrmmmmmm.

Somehow I got put to task on making the foods I will not be actually eating for today. Mashed potatoes, homemade herb bread, and Nutella samosas. Oh yeah, and green beans. Those, I'll eat. ;) More bread-baking for tomorrow (a sourdough and an herb this time), and something sweet potato-y. I have some awesome sweet potato curries and such I could do, but my folks are traditionalists, so it will be something far too sticky sweet for my liking that I whip up instead.

I hope all my U.S. followers have a wonderful Thanksgiving and make it through without too much temptation or trouble. No stuck turkey, OK??? ;)

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  1. that dumb scale!!!! what does it know anyway :)

    Since we're so close to the US and so influenced by American tv (oh and I have a lot of American and half-American friends and most of us did some form of schooling there) a bunch of us are doing thanksgiving dinner tonight. Last night I assembled a HUGE tray of homemade stuffing... have to go home and bake it in a few hours. I also volunteered the green beans and put my foot down when someone begged me to make casserole out of them.... told him we had far too much creamy, fatty, starchy food on the menu and I was going to cook them the right way!
    enjoy dinner and I agree... no stuck turkey!