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Monday, November 1, 2010

Put it back in!

So it would seem that I need to put at least .25 cc of what I had Dr. Ganta take out back in again.

I've hit something of a plateau, weightloss-wise, and my willpower has been lacking big-time. School got crazy, kids got sick. Then I got sick. My restriction is erratic at best, and much like before my last fill, I can usually take down at least 2 cups before feeling sated. I get stuck every once in a while, but it's usually only with chicken or pork. Everything else goes down fine, and in whatever quantities I choose to eat it. *sigh*

Still, there hasn't been much in the house to eat that's dietarily detrimental in quality (just quantity), until a couple of days ago. Then we took the kids to my spouse's place of employment, where they have trick-or-treating all over the building. Yep, candy. Lots of candy.

Two days later and all the chocolate-related candy goods have disappeared.... and we all know where they went. :(

I'm so glad we do the Sugar Fairy thing around here. So as of this morning, the candy is gone (including last night's haul), and given to someone participating in the Halloween Candy Buyback program. Whew!

I won't be able to go get filled again for a few weeks, though, I think. My copay is $50, and I just don't have the extra right now to do it. I just registered for my spring semester classes, so this month has a double tuition payment whammy. I'll just have to dig a little deeper and find some willpower reserves somewhere. Especially if I intend to make that Christmas Challenge.

C25K is going OK, I guess. Being sick this past week meant my runs were on the weak side, but I did do them, so that's something. :) I don't know how much distance I'm covering on my outdoor terrain runs, but the indoor ones are coming out to about 1.8 miles per 25 minutes. I have to get faster or my butt is going to be lagging way behind at the Warrior Dash in a few weeks. (EEEK!)

I hope everyone has been doing GREAT! I've managed to read blogs every 2-3 days, but I have had NO time to comment. I don't expect I'll have more time any time soon, as my 8-week distance learning class just started and I somehow have to find time to watch 26 hours of online videos and take exams and quizzes relating to them. And keep up with my other classes. hrm.

Yesterday was the last day of our gym membership. I loved that gym, but the Y is less than half the price for a family membership, so we start over there tomorrow!

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