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Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Halloween Candy Diet?

Um, OK....

So maybe me eating everything in my kids' buckets last weekend that contained chocolate+ (I like chocolate, but it's a weakness only if it's combined with nuts or cookies or something) was a trigger to get the metabolism rolling or something? LOL
And I kept nibbling on the pan de muertos we made too.

2.6 pounds down on Thursday, and another .5-1 gone unofficially since then. What???

And it's not like I had major exercise offsets or anything. A lingering respiratory bug has me doing my runs with more walking than running for the last 2 weeks.

I'll take what the scale says, but I'm very confused!!

Hopefully it will keep on going, though, because I'm going to be hard-pressed to make my Christmas Challenge goal if I hit anymore plateaus.

Tonight is a "Freak Homecoming Dance" that I'll be attending. I'm making my mum today (don't ask, the HUGE and obnoxious homecoming mum is apparently a Texas-only phenomenon), and am trying to figure out how to make myself tall enough that my dress hem won't drag on the ground. Fortunately, in Burner culture, platform combat boots go with *anything*, including ethereal vintage 70s formalwear. ;)

If I can remember to actually USE my camera, I'll get pics. heh

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  1. I am often confused by the connection between what I eat and weight loss. Hey, if it works ...