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Thursday, November 18, 2010

80! Not Obese! and New Hair!

Hey so I guess I should update!

After 3 weeks of inexplicable great numbers on the scale, I'm solidly down over 80 pounds total since the start of 2010. Yay!

This milestone gets me a couple of others.

-- According to the BMI calculation, I am no longer obese -- now I am merely overweight. :D

-- And, I am 2/3 of the way to my goal range - I'm aiming for somewhere between 145 and 150 pounds.

Today I got my hair cut and colored. You can't see how bright the red is in this shot, but I have bright streaks of red in near-black. No more crazy salt-n-pepper hair, woot!

Day after tomorrow is the Warrior Dash. I'm not really sure I'm ready. I know I'll finish, but I don't know if I will manage it in less than an hour. I've been able to get my time down to 40 minutes to cover the same distance (3.2 miles) on the treadmill, but the race is on a horsetrail with 12 obstacles, so I'm sure my time will increase considerably from the treadmill time. I don't have a great pedometer, so I haven't been able to tell how I'm faring when I've taken my running out to outdoor trails. Guess we'll see!


  1. very impressive numbers missy. and i'm loving the sassy new hair colour!!! how nice to know that you'll not see 190-something when you hop on the scales again :)

  2. I love the hair! and looky, you did do great on the race!!!