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Thursday, September 2, 2010

I think my scale has the hiccups this week.... and a little NSV

Or I have not conquered the social eating demon. Which is probably more likely. Boo. A little bump up this week of .4 lbs.

Not too much damage from the Girls' Night on Friday or from the potluck on Sunday, but it does go to show me that I really need to watch the social nibbling if I want the scale to move the correct direction.

And that I really could probably use fill #2.

I do really pretty well with my eating at home, but socially I have troubles with the munching. I always want to try a little bit of everything that all my talented cookin' friends have made. And all those little bits add up.

I made the gym 3 times this week, and once again missed my Zumba window.

Today, though, I had an NSV that made me laugh. My gym provides towels for showers or swimming. I don't usually shower at the gym, but I did today as I was heading straight to campus to work for a while after my workout.

The last time I tried to wrap a gym towel around me, I had to hold it to me in the front due to the large gap on the side where it wouldn't meet around my hips and lower abdomen.

Today? Well, it wrapped all the way around ALL of me, overlapping on the side instead of gaping! Woohoo for not flashing everyone from the shower to the locker!! :D

Hopefully next week I'll break into Onederland. I was hoping I'd do it this morning so I could post a progess pic. I have several progress photos from my last trip down weightloss lane, but none from this trip. heh

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  1. That is so great and exciting. I'm happy for you! I can hardly wait for the day that I can wrap a towel around my body.