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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Um, scale??? We need to have a conversation....

Argh. Blogger lost my post. :(

Basically, the gist of things is this:

  • I hopped on my scale this morning, thinking I'd scare myself into behaving after two days of near-gorging.

  • Scale says I LOST a pound. Huh?

  • I attempt to start 5 Day Pouch Test today.

  • I discover that I only have 3-4 servings of protein powder left.

  • I reschedule start of test to coincide with my fill on Thursday. (also after I get paid and can buy more powder)

  • I worry about party tonight, but not too much, as it's a "second childhood"-themed party and will have lots of candy, but hopefully not a lot of other temptations. Candy is not something that makes me falter.

  • I dig the SEVEN bins of smaller clothing out of my garage and stare at them stacked up in my tiny living room.

  • I decide to go to party naked instead.

  • Just kidding, it's not a costume party, so the appearance of The Saggy Baggy Elephant would probably not be appreciated.

  • I decide to just wear something that's too big instead.

Looking at this, I now think the bulleted version is better anyways.


Hope everyone is having a great weekend! :)


  1. I switched from regular protein powder to making smoothies with soy milk, adds up to almost the same amount of protein. Your are so close to onederland!

    oh and Your folks sound like my kinda peeps!

  2. Yep, I make mine with Soy Slender. Adds another 6g of protein with only 1g of carbs! And VERY tasty -- the vanilla flavor is my fave, but it comes in Chocolate and Cappucino as well. :)