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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just shy of Onederland... pics!

So, I decided to take pics last night rather than wait for actually getting to Onederland. Mostly because I was wearing something other than my typical oversized t-shirt and too-big jeans. Or jammies. Forgive the weird lighting, I was in the kids' room (my oldest had crashed in my room b/c I was out, and the baby was in bed with my spouse). And my hair. I have to decide whether I want to grow the bangs out or cut them again, so it's in this weird between place that doesn't look right at all.

I LOVE this top. I know eventually it will go the way of so many other favorites I've had, to the consignment shop, but not only is it really flattering (it makes my boobs look WAY bigger than they are, AND conceals the belly pooch -- all without covering up the side curves), but it's looked good all the way down the scale so far.

Today I've been tackling all the bins I brought in from the garage yesterday.

So far, I have one overflowing bin to take to Venus Envy (check it out, I did the site design! *G*), one stuffed full of things that are still too small, and 1.5 bins of things to take to a clothing swap or donate. I did another closet purge too, and put a bunch of 'new' things from the bins into the space that opened up.

Talk about motivation, though. I'd forgotten how much really cute stuff I have in a 13 (and smaller). I WILL be wearing at least SOME of those things later this autumn!!


  1. You are adorable!! I love the glasses and I totally think the bangs should stay :)

  2. wow.... it's amazing to check out those pics alongside your starting photo. you've come a LOOOONNNNNG way, baby! And I'm with Grace.... bangs suit you nicely

  3. Honestly.. you are working that beautiful blouse.. and looking good.. warm welcomes as your cross onederland

  4. Thanks, y'all! I like the bangs, but I've had them since I was, oh, about 3 years old. LOL

    I think I'm going to TRY to hold off on cutting them for a bit longer. My face has always been too round (IMO) to go without them, but I'd like to see if that changes as my face slims down. My little sister looks AWESOME without bangs, and while we don't look exactly the same, we do have a similar look. hrm hrm hrm ;)