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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Oh yeah, I definitely cannot go too long without eating.

I turned into a raging B!#@^ today when the kids and I unexpectedly ended up meeting up with friends for a movie instead of making a quick run to the grocery store and the bank. The plans were there, but I had totally forgotten about them until my friend called me to ask if we were still going.

So..... breakfast (a protein shake because I needed to go grocery shopping) was at 9, and I didn't get back home until 2. The kids had popcorn at the movies, but they needed lunch too. So, it was after 3 by the time I sat down to my lunch, and I'm pretty sure my stomach was attempting to eat itself by that point. ouch.

I had to banish the kids to their room to play so I could eat in peace and get my grouchiness under control.

Yep, definitely gotta eat regularly. I had an Atkins shake in my purse, and I so should have used that to tide me through. *sigh*

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