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Monday, July 5, 2010

Doing better with the social thing

Two parties this weekend, and I managed to keep things sane, yay!!

The one on Saturday was out in the country, but the food was mostly inside, and the people were mostly outside. I ate some scrambled egg whites in the car on the way there, and then stayed outside other than bathroom breaks, so it wasn't a big issue. I should have brought some more water, though, as I ran out and they're on well water, so I wasn't really able to refill. I was getting pretty hungry by the time we finally left, though.

I was even better prepared for the one yesterday. I ate lunch before leaving, and then brought some greek yogurt with me. I also picked up some pre-made protein drinks, but didn't have to dip into those. I ate the yogurt about an hour or so after getting there, as the spread of food was getting VERY tempting. Then I went with another couple of parents that were there to walk all the kids (who were getting wild) down the greenbelt to the playground. It was probably about a mile walk, but leisurely - to keep pace with the 2-year-old. Not what you'd call serious exercise by any means, but definitely better than continuing to be tempted by the food. When we got back, a movie was playing, and I found a spot to watch the movie and chat with a friend a bit.

The key for now, it seems, is going to be bringing something that I can eat to both occupy my hands/mouth, and to take the edge off my hunger/appetite. And if I can engage myself in a non-food room, that will also make things easier. No socializing in the food room. *laugh*

After I'm back on solids instead of mushies, I can probably find foods at many events that I can nibble on without trouble. There were grilled chicken breasts and baked chicken legs at the party yesterday. A tomato/basil/mozzarella tray and plenty of fruit too. So long as I can avoid the chips and dips and desserts, I'll be all good. Eventually, having restriction will hopefully help with that too, allowing me to have a bite or two of some of the more decadent items on occasion without being able to over-indulge. :)

I'm going to be weighing in on the Christmas challenge a week late. Still no scale, and I won't be going to the gym until tomorrow. I am going to weigh tomorrow, though.... so we'll see what progress has been made, if any, over the last 2 weeks!

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