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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back home again

I got back on Thursday evening with the kids from our road travels. Obviously, I had to reschedule my fill appointment that was originally on Wednesday. Now, it's scheduled for July 30.

The trip was a mixed bag, diet-wise. I did manage to keep the surgery on the down-low. It wasn't hard, though, because I can apparently eat just about anything I want to eat. Ack!!

First night there, my MIL orders chinese takeout. I manage OK with a small bowl and some chicken with broccoli and egg foo yung. The chicken was probably the better choice, but egg foo yung is one of my favorites, and it's soft enough that I wasn't too worried. No rice, egg rolls, or crab rangoons. I was still hungry after my little bowl, but I stayed in line.

I eat the middle out of a chicken breast sandwich the next day at the aquarium, and nibble on my youngest's chicken strips a bit. I go for a protein bar while the kids eat ice cream and drink an Atkins shake on the train ride back to the suburb of Chicago where we're staying. All good.

That night starts my downward spiral, though. My husband comes in that night, hungry and cranky, and we end up at a local Indian buffet. Still, I do all right, but I do attempt some naan and it goes down fine. Some of the selections are pretty spicy, and I do end up sipping water here and there. I'm pretty full feeling by the end of the meal, and I definitely ate upwards of a couple of cups of food.

Ups and downs over the rest of the trip. Pizza (but only the toppings), fried chicken without the skin, and ice cream (a few times). *sigh*

The lesson I take from this is that travelling during bandster hell was a BAD idea. I tried to keep myself sane, but it was really hard and got more difficult over the 13 days of travel. And like ever when I diet, when I fall off the wagon, climbing back on is not proving easy. Especially as I'm experiencing no restriction at all anymore.

I guess one good thing about having no spending money at all right now is that I won't be tempted by going out to eat any more, and the good stuff I bought at the store yesterday is what I've got to work with for the next several days. But I'm hungry enough that it's going to be hard work to moderate my portions even with the good food choices available.

My mom's scale put me at 2.2 pounds down before leaving Texas, and at 1 pound up when I got back. My scale is being fritzy again, so I'll try again to get it working by the 29th or just go weigh at the gym.

Welcome to everyone who added me while I was gone! I came back to find I had a whole bunch of new followers -- YAY!!

Now to go catch up on all your recent posts too, and avoid the call of the kitchen. ;)

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  1. You have lost 54 pounds!!! you are doing fantastic.. and from what I read I would say you navigated vacation rather well.. Give your self a pat on the back and try to catch Ceejays post from today.. it is about the journey.. and sometimes we stop along the way..