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Thursday, July 1, 2010

My kids are awesome when it comes to food

So my chicken masala experiment was a qualified success. While not as tasty as the full-on version made with a ton of whole-milk yogurt, butter and heavy cream, it was pretty tasty.

Chicken thighs
red onion
big can of diced tomatoes
about 1 tbls of garam masala
about 1 tbls of tikka sauce
about 1/4 c of plain yogurt (lowfat in this case)
chicken broth/stock
cooked in crockpot, topped in bowl with about 1 tbls of light sour cream

My older girl (6) ate one bowl of what turned out to be a soup as-is, and my 2 year old ate a bit of it. Both of them wanted to try my pureed version. My 2 year old had two bowls of this, and my 6 year old had a bowl of it in addition to her non-pureed bowl. Nice!!

I love that my kids don't even blink when I serve them up something new, no matter what color or texture it has. The little one sometimes approaches the new dishes more slowly, but my older one is eager to taste anything. They both adore vegetables and have always had whole grains, lean meats, fish, and tofu, so those ingredients are nothing new.

The 6 year old is really great about limiting her portions on her own, but the 2 year old seems either be on one end of the spectrum or the other -- she's either eating only a tiny bit of her meal for days on end, or wolfing it down -- and it doesn't matter what she's eating. I think she'd be better grazing, so maybe I'll try that this fall when her sister starts school. I know a lot of toddlers prefer the grazing method as their tummies are so tiny. She's my sugar lover too, I know we'll have to watch that as she gets older. Her sister loves treats as well, but usually only has a few bites before becoming disinterested. (well, unless it's ice cream - we're all fiends for the creamy frozen confections)

I just am so pleased and proud of them that they have such adventurous palates. I hope it can only bode well for them and their future abilities to make good choices.

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