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Saturday, July 31, 2010

First fill!

Yesterday afternoon I finally made it in for my first fill. The wait this time around wasn't too bad, but I'd been running late, so instead of dropping the kids off at the childcare place, I had to bring them with me. Whee.

My eldest is 6-and-a-half, and is an attention hound. She's also very high energy. I discussed with her before getting there that I really needed her to set a good example for her sister (who's just shy of 3), and went over the general guidelines of how one acts in a doctor's office. She brought a book and I thought all would go OK, at least as long as the wait wasn't too long.

Of course, immediately she's filling up the little water cups that I had previously said she was to leave alone. She's playing in the decorative fountain, climbing all over the furniture, and trying to get her sister to run around the table in the middle of the room.

I try, with mixed results, to keep her under control. The thing is, if she sees her sister get up and walk around (as toddlers are prone to do), she thinks SHE needs to get up and play too. She's still (I think intentionally) unclear on the concept that what a little one does is not neccessarily appropriate for an older child. The funny thing is that my toddler - who is has been ultra-stubborn as of late - was actually trying to behave, even with her older sister attempting to instigate trouble.

Anyways..... the fill. Dr. Ganta checked my incision site, said it had healed quite well. He had me lay down on the table and lift my legs, straight. I guess that made the port easier to feel. My port is a couple of inches above my navel, just to the left a touch. He finds the port, and numbs it with some local anesthetic. Then he gets the big needle ready and asks which one of us this shot is for. He's not a joker, so I got a big kick out of this. He's the father of two young girls himself, so I think the dad in him was coming out. Nice! He had an easy way with them, he could probably make the shift to pediatrics if he was ever so inclined. :)

Of course, my eldest's eyes got really big for a moment as she contemplated that huge needle, and then, of course, she threw me under the bus. *laugh*

"Mommy wants the shot! Mommy wants the shot!!!"

He has me lift my legs again and does the fill. It feels very odd, but doesn't hurt. He pulls out what's in it, about 2cc, and then fills to 4cc. He is pretty conservative, so I didn't expect any more than that.

I'm on liquids again for at least 24 hours, but I'll probably only make 26 or so, as I'll be out all of this afternoon and evening.

I weighed Thursday morning as my regular weigh-in at 210. Yesterday afternoon at the appointment I weighed in at 214.5

I'm taking my Thursday weigh-in, thank you very much - and ignoring the other one. And avoiding late afternoon appointments where they weigh me in jeans, shoes, and when I have to pee. LOL!

Hitting 210 puts me at only 2 pounds away from being halfway to goal.

I'm going to be extra vigilant this week - and perhaps even exercise (I have been REALLY bad about it recently), and see if I can drop two pounds to bring me to the halfway point!!

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  1. Thanks for the fill information. I'm three days from surgery (Tuesday! YAY!!!), so I'm very curious about life after.

    Your oldest one sounds like a hoot!