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Monday, June 28, 2010

Ok, I'm getting curious. And hungry.

Well, sort of.

I'm definitely curious about the weight thing. I'm not sure I can resist stepping on the gym scale whenever I make it over there. But, then again, having a full month's losses surprise me all at once is tempting too. ;)

Probably, I will wait until right before the trip to Chicago, which is the week before my next appointment on July 21.

The social thing is proving a bit weird to me. Last night wasn't too bad, though I had to opt out of ordering Chinese takeout, of course. Mind you, my budget is always on the snug side, so folks are used to me choosing not to be included in some things. I had to completely bypass a birthday thing on Friday because it was dinner and margaritas at a Tex-Mex place, and I just think I would have been kind of miserable watching everyone else eat and drink. The birthday girl and her husband know I was just banded, but no one else there did, so I didn't want to have to explain anything or have anyone think it was money-related and try to buy for me. :\

I think that will get easier once I can eat real food. Maybe. I am a social eater (and drinker) and keeping my portions under control will likely sometimes be difficult.

My birthday shindig is coming up in early August. Sushi, sake, singing, and shiny (SSSS) party!
I'm thinking I'll have to totally forgo the sake, but maybe I can sip on something else and get a little tipsy. The sushi portion will be mostly sashimi, which I don't mind at all. No spider rolls this year!

I'll have to dig through the bins of clothes in the garage for something shiny/sparkly/spectacular in a smaller size. Or buy something. I'd prefer to work with what I have, as I'll still have a ways to go, but if I have to get something else, I can always just add it to the costume bins after and it will get love at some future Burn event from someone else. :D

Oh yeah, I am starting to get hungry, sort of. I'm hungriest right after I eat, oddly enough, so I'm thinking this might be some 'head hunger' working on me rather than actual hunger. I'm only managing to get in about 800 calories per day max, so I should work on upping that a bit somehow. The problem is that with mushies it seems like I can either go the really healthy route (which is what I'm doing now), or add all kinds of not-so-great foods or ingredients. I think I may have to start adding a snack or two of yogurt or cottage cheese or something in there to bump my caloric intake a little bit. The thing is, I'm not hungry between meals. In fact, I keep forgetting to eat later in the day and then my shoulder starts hurting again.

Oh well, it's a learning process.

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