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Saturday, June 26, 2010

"Gas" pains gone?

Eating the mushie/pureed foods so far has gone pretty well.

Day before yesterday, I woke up feeling good, as usual, but no shoulder pain!

Considering that this has been the worst part of the whole process so far for me, I'm thrilled that it seems to be going away. I'd read on LBT that it never really goes away for some people, and that was going to be a HUGE downside to this if that was the case for me.

Yesterday it kept feeling like it was sort of *thinking* about hurting again, but it didn't really manifest into anything until evening time. It's too early to tell, but it might be something that shows up when I'm hungry. I've read that some folks who still get it get when they overeat, but so far for me it's come out of nowhere a couple of times when I've waited too long to eat.

More testing on that is in order, though.

The incision is still healing OK, I think.

I had the single incision through my belly button, so there isn't really much TO heal. It's hard to keep it dry and clean, so I've been alternating between leaving it exposed and taping a gauze pad around the edges to act as sort of a filter. Still hard to keep it dry, though -- it IS Texas in June, and unless I'm in the A/C, my belly button is just going to be sweaty.

Here's a couple of photos I took today -- 11 days post-op:

I circled the incision in the first pic. The scar/hole above it is from my navel ring. Dr. Ganta did a great job cutting UNDER those holes, so I should be able to get my ring back in when it's all healed up. :)

Man, I didn't realize I had that many stretch marks. At least they're all silvery, I don't think they show too badly when not showcased by the wonders of flash photography. heheh

Whodathunk that once upon a time I had a smooth, flat belly --- even at nearly 200#!

Two kids and some serious yo-yo dieting for the past decade or two have definitely taken their toll. I don't know if I'll have the guts (so to speak) to go for a tummy tuck and breast lift after all's said and done. My brain and vanity say yes; my fear of surgery, and my budget, say no.

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