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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Not feeling any different....

This week is coming along nicely, so far.

I don't really feel any sort of restriction at all. I can see how people could be very tempted to push things at this stage. I'm keeping what I'm eating between a cup and a cup and a half per meal, but I feel like I could eat more. So far I have been mostly good about my food choices, except for last night. I ate some leftover fish before heading to our friends' house for dinner, so I wouldn't be ravenous while everyone was eating sliders and chips and corn on the cob. Handled that pretty well, but then it was time for making ice cream in the ice cream balls. By that point I was hungry enough that I caved, and had about a cup, maybe a bit more, of ice cream. It was made with half and half, so it wasn't as bad as say Hagen Daaz or the like. But still, not the choice I would have preferred to make.

Some of the things I've read about "bandster hell" indicate that folks a few weeks out often can eat just like they did before being banded. I have a feeling I fall into that category rather than one of those who PBs and gets stuck early on. At no point have I really felt truly full, though in the first several days of mushies I definitely was feeling satisfied. Not as much now, but I can wing it for another few weeks. It's not like I was satsified in any way from January-May! *laugh*

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