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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stuck in class

Woah did I re(learn) a basic band lesson today!!

Do. Not. Rush. Eating.

No matter how soft/easy I think a food may be, it can still get stuck if I eat it too fast.

This semester I have 10 minutes between my classes. I rushed out the door this morning with only time for a quick protein shake, so by the time my first class was out, I was RAVENOUS. I had packed a healthy little lunch : 3oz shredded moroccan chicken, some cooked summer squash, and some mushy cooked cauliflower. I knew I didn't have time to safely eat the squash or chicken, but I figured the cauliflower was a safe bet. Oh, no.

I spent most of my 1.5 hour Trig class sliming and in pain. Gross TMI, but I couldn't leave class (I am in WAY over my head and can't miss ANY of the building blocks in this class), so I pretended to drink my water and just slimed into it instead. UGH.

Suffice it to say I WILL be *making* time to make something slightly more substantial to eat on (my) school mornings, and I will include a greek yogurt in case I absolutely have to eat between classes.

This old dog will eventually learn these new tricks, right?? ;)

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  1. Oh man I'm sorry, that totally sucks! Be careful with greek yogurt too though, I've totally gotten... not quite stuck but.. something... it's thick enough that I have to be careful - I think it sort of coats everything as it goes down - perhaps in a pinch though you could wash it down with water between bites (a no no I know, but maybe in an emergency...?) Good luck.

    As for the Mirena - it was a very easy procedure, there was some pain and discomfort but not much - followed by some odd cramping for a couple of days, but nothing terrible. And it is effective immediately - I thought as soon as she was done - that everyone should do this cuz it's so easy. Good luck!