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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Feeling it again

The motivation and the band both.

I'm still not sure if I damaged myself this summer with the overeating, but I guess time will tell. My best girl, who was banded the same day I was, recently found out that she has what our surgeon is calling a hernia of her stomach, but which sounds like a prolapse from her description. I hope against hope that it can be repaired and she doesn't lose her band. Her progress has been slow, but very good, and she's so very, very close to Onederland!

I would so take her place on this if I could. The band for her has been a great weight loss tool, whereas for me it seems to be a better tool for keeping me from binging too much, but not so much a good losing tool. I *hate* the way it works when it does for me -- by making me terrified of pain rather than satisfied with small portions. LOL

It is what it is, though, and I made this choice.... so I've got to make it work for me and not against me.

Being back in school and having my elder daughter back in school really helps my motivation. The schedule just seems to keep me targeted better. My spouse is out of town for 3 weeks to his first Burning Man excursion. I've been 7 times, and we've both been to the local regional Burn multiple times, but this is his first jaunt to the big Burn in the desert. I hope he's having fun!

Oddly enough, him not being here is making everything run more smoothly for the kids and for me. We get into our own groove pretty easily, and me knowing that I have to keep up with the schedule, cooking, and the house on my own means it all gets done. Our relationship is sort of weird, and one aspect of it being weird is that we're honestly better at getting things done separately than together. He's missed, by this household and the extended households as well, but we'll have to figure out how to keep the works running smoothly when he returns! hehe

My muscles are all sore from my return to exercise, but it's a good sort of pain. I'm only at 3 days/week right now, but I'm working on fitting more into the schedule.

Let's hope I can keep up the new pace and edge my way closer to goal this semester!!

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