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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Three Weeks Single

My spouse has been out of town at Burning Man for three weeks (as of tomorrow).

He was on the crew that built a big project to represent the local Burn community here in Austin/Texas, so he got to go out there early to set it up. I've been to Burning Man 7 times since 1997, but this was his first time to go. We've both done the local regional event, Burning Flipside, many times over the years, but the big Burn is a horse of a different color.

Here's the project they built -- isn't it gorgeous??
It burned beautifully as well (building art that looks awesome both on its own and on fire isn't always easy).

He's on his way back now. Last night he was near Vegas, but I'm sure they're well on their way through Arizona by now.

The kiddos and I have been on our own for that time. My classes started, the Peanut (my younger daughter) started pre-K on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well, and I've been making big strides on my Smite List --- that is, getting unpacked in our new digs and fixing things up around here.

The gas range croaked right before he left, and our landlord has made it clear that she is not keen on maintaining the appliances. So, I made a deal with her. I picked up a new-to-us range on craigslist and installed it, and she let me take the cost off the next rent check.

I think the issue is that her English is very weak (Mandarin is her native), so dealing with repair/replace issues is not something she wants to have to do. I don't mind dealing with people or doing the replacements/repairs myself, as long as I don't have to pay for it.
So it worked out.

So yeah, range installed, manymanymany boxes unpacked, shelves built, pot rack mounted (that was a royal pain in the butt, lemmetellya), and basic housekeeping maintained.

Also kid-care, homework, gym time, and meal planning have gone well!

Sometimes I wonder if I'm borderline bipolar or something. When I'm "up", there ain't no stopping me. But the "down" times, like this summer, are so devoid of motivation, it's pitiful. I've got to find some sort of balance somewhere. Or figure out how to stay in the "up" mode all the damn time. I love being this productive, that's for sure.

Hopefully I can keep the household in the groove when my spouse gets back. The girls and I are very good at settling into a routine when we're on our own. It doesn't work as well with him in the mix, but he's a great dad and they miss him bunches. I miss having my best friend to spend time with and talk to, but there definitely is going to be some readjustment time as we find/make a new routine that includes him again.

Scale's moving down again --- Yay!!! Let's see if I can actually see a decent net loss for 2011, because so far this year has been a wash. hehe

Time to go color my head again. My hair's so short it needs redoing every time I get a trim.
Here's what it looked like 3 weeks ago, and what I'm "refreshing" on it today. :)

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