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Monday, April 11, 2011

Bounceback boo! And "Cheesy" pic

Week 2 of my 6-on-1-off sprint didn't go as well on the scale. Had a 1# bounceback from the previous week's loss. But I wasn't quite as rigorous with the tracking and I didn't get in all my workout days. So I won't bitch too much. The mirror IS showing a difference so I'm going to be extra good about tracking on all days. I think it will go the other direction again this week.

I'm pretty sure I went overboard on Friday, calorie-wise. And my "off" day can't be quite so off. I don't think that reflected on the scale so much as on my energy levels. Reintroducing complex carbs one day a week just means I'm groggy and dumb for the whole latter half of that day. So, this Sunday I'm going to minimize that, but say OK to some fruit and more veggies. Obviously this sprint needs some tweaking. heheheh

Here's a pic from a couple of weeks ago, taken at Austin's Grilled Cheese Invitational. Yeah, this banded girl went to a grilled cheese cookoff, hosted and organized by my best girl and fellow bandster, oddly enough. I ate some sammiches, more than I ought to have done, but far less than I would have in my pre-band days. :D

I wish I had gotten a pic without the apron... I think I was actually looking pretty good in my fitted tank top and tee that day! My "wings" are getting more noticeable, but they could be worse. ;)

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  1. ya know what's funny.... I scrolled down and looked at the pic before I read your post and first thing I thought when I looked at you was 'I'd KILL FOR THOSE ARMS'. so you know I laughed when I read that you think you have wings! Woman your arms look fantastic! And you still look skinny even though you're rockin that apron