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Sunday, April 3, 2011

That seals the deal...

... I am definitely going to continue for a while with the SIX-day version of the pouch test, plus one day "off" weekly.

Today's weigh-in put me in at a whopping 5.5 pounds down, well into the 170s (FINALLY), and at 91 pounds down total. YAY!!!!!!

This week was hard, but not unmanageable. I need to adjust my timing with meals so I don't end up with one big stretch in the afternoon/evening when I'm freaking ravenous, or light-headed. I definitely feel banded again, even though my fill level is so minimal. Before seeing Sucker Punch last night, we stopped off at the BBQ place across the street. I couldn't measure it, of course, but I doubt I managed 5 ounces of meat off my plate. Yum, leftovers!

Today's day "off" includes Dim Sum brunch with friends and my kids, and maybe taking the girls for a small frozen yogurt. Then, on Monday, it's back to liquids for two days to start off week 2 of this sprint towards my Memorial Day/pre-bandiversary mini-goal.

I just realized yesterday that if this works, I am going to be up the proverbial creek for clothes for summer, and we have NO room in the budget for clothes shopping. Last night's dinner/movie was a real splurge for us. We almost never see first-run movies (Kick Ass was the last first-run film we saw), but it was at a theater on the UT campus, so I got a decent student discount.

I think I'm going to have to sort through both the stuff that came back from the consignment shop and the new bins that have been filled with too-big clothes and start listing them on Ebay. Then have a garage sale too. Bleh, the Ebay thing can be lucrative, but it's a lot of hours of work to put in, especially when my plate is so full of homework/work/kids. Ah well, it's that or wear huge Ts and jeans all summer, I guess. heheh


  1. Great news!!!!! Keep it up!

  2. Hi Jen, I just found your blog through another blog and I am now Following you too!! I will try to read your blog to get caught up in a few days or so.

    Debi: http://hawaiiboundbandster.blogspot.com/

  3. Hi Jen, I found your blog thru Debi's and I find it interesting that you are using the 5 day pouch test. I have been thinking of using it myself again. I am following you to see how your progress goes. Keep up the good work.