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Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Challenge and motivation

I joined the spring challenge over at ChasingSkinny's blog to add a new much needed motivator. There's my start pic and start weight. No change from Thursday, and I've been sort of half-heartedly tracking my food again starting last week.

I'm not sure what my personal goals are with this challenge. I *think* I'm going to shoot for 10#, which is just over 1.5# per week. I'd like to try for more, though, as I've really fallen behind where I'd like to be at this point, and it's looking really unlikely that I will make goal by my band anniversary.

My spouse and I signed up for the Warrior Dash again, and this race is on March 19. I've been doing pretty well about getting in my run (or some other sort of workout) 4-5 days per week recently, but I'm really stuck and can't seem to make any headway on the amount of time I can run before having to walk and get my heartrate down. Oh well, at least I'm getting it in. The time between now and race is going to be HARD, though, as my eldest daughter is now on Spring Break until the Monday after the race (she gets two weeks as she goes to a year-round school). So my up-and-at-em early morning workout that I do after I take her to school is going to require me motivating myself independently every morning. Obviously, I'm off to such a great start, as it's 10:00am already and we're still hanging out in our PJs. *sigh*

Oh, the unfill thing is working out nicely. I'm having a bit of a challenge weaning myself off the carbs, but it's made much easier by the fact that I CAN eat the protein. Loving my omelettes, cooking on the grill, and making roasts. I've still had a couple of stuck episodes on tofu, so I'm proceeding with caution on my tofu recipes.

I'm back to trying to track everything to get/keep my portions back under control, and to make sure I'm meeting my protein and overall calorie goals. I know this helps me tremendously when I stick with it, so that's what I've gotta do! ;)

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