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Thursday, March 10, 2011

I guess I'll just hang out here for a while?




I think that's all my scale knows how to say recently. Mind you, it only displays in .5 increments, so I know I'm not getting super-detailed weights, but still.

I've gone back to logging my food for the last week or so, and am getting in around 1200-1400 calories per day. I am definitely getting enough protein, but I think my carbs are still over where they need to be. So, I'll tweak that over the next week and see if I see some progress.

I am also tempted to get another REE/RMR done at my Dr's office, but it's not covered by insurance and over $100, so I probably won't. I'm basing my caloric intake on the one I had done at the beginning, and I know it's changed -- but I don't know which direction, as I'm much more active now, which may counter the fact that I weigh less.

Still loving the unfill. I have had a few stuck episodes, on tofu and stew beef so far, and some near-stuck feelings on a few other occasions. WAY better than getting stuck every time non-liquid protein enters my mouth.

Speaking of protein... I don't know why I didn't try this when I was on liquids/mushies, but protein PUDDING!! My recent sweet tooth obsession has been a serving of skim milk sugar free fat free pudding. I randomly wondered if I could add my protein powder to it, looked it up, and tried it. Two scoops of powder in there blended just fine. It took a little longer to set up, but very tasty when done! And now one serving of pudding gives me 14g of protein with an additional 60 calories. Not bad. :)

Here's hoping the scale moves between now and Sunday, when I weigh-in again for the Challenge. ;)


  1. Those scale will move - believe me, mine can be just as onry. Yay for adding protein to your pudding. I'm not a pudding fan but it sounds good! :)

  2. i'm sure it will start moving so long as you keep doing what you should be doing. protein pudding sounds interesting.... might have to try it if you're giving it the thumbs up!