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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Yep, Mom's Scale is Off.... And race pics!

I knew it when I got back into town and I weighed in at 184 for the Challenge, so I'm not really bummed out by today's weigh-in.

In fact, this is progress --- a 1.5# loss since Sunday. Let's see if it holds until Sunday's challenge weigh-in. My clothes are fitting differently, too, even if the scale is being extraordinarily stubborn.

I got my time from the race on 3/19. 49 minutes, which is shaving just over 4 minutes off my previous time back in November. Yay!!
And that's even without any outdoor trail running -- only treadmill and street time -- since November. :)


  1. that race looked like it was a lot of fun! Nothing like some good ole dirt and mud!!!!

  2. you and that race look amazing! thanks for your comment about preferring skilled doctors over sweet ones. You really put it in perspective of me. And yes, I should read some old bloggers to help me remember this does get better! I love that you have the dates with pounds and loss/gain. I have looked at it so many times, and I'm sure will refer to it again when I am wondering what others experiences were like!

  3. Love these pics! You rock!